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Paccheri Lisci represent the symbol of Gragnano pasta. The name derives from the slap (pacchero in Neapolitan dialect) that the owners of artisan pasta factories used to give to the scugnizzi who collected and ate the leftovers of the pasta left to dry on Via Roma. In the kitchen, Gragnano paccheri go well with everything, from meat-based sauces to fish sauces.

The ridged penne belong to the "penne family," which takes its name from the ancient quill pen used for writing. There are two main characteristics of ridged penne: the rough surface allows them to hold onto all types of sauces, and their versatility allows them to pair well with any condiment.

Here's a classic product of Italian cuisine. Rigatoni are characterized by a thick, ridged surface that holds onto all types of sauces. They are ideal for meat ragù, as well as simpler sauces, in addition to baked pasta dishes like timballi and pasta al forno.

Spaghetti are the most well-known long pasta format in the world and are the true symbol of Made in Italy. Thanks to their traditional diameter, which falls in between in the realm of long pastas, spaghetti are among the most versatile formats, starring in countless combinations.


Hard durum wheat semolina pasta


Production Area:


Available Formats:
Spaghetti – Smooth Paccheri – Rigatoni – Ridged Penne


500 g package


Organoleptic Characteristics:
Rough texture due to bronze extrusion, pleasant taste and odor, good cooking resistance with good weight increase, low sediment, good firmness, and appropriate stickiness.

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil: Superior category oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.


Production Area:
Sorrento Peninsula


Harvesting Method:


Harvest Period:
Month of October


Bottle of 750 ml glass


Organoleptic Characteristics:
Color ranges from green to yellow with greenish reflections, moderately fruity, light sensation of bitterness and moderate sensation of spiciness, medium fruity aroma, ranging from unripe to ripe.


Food Pairings:
Ideal to be enjoyed with rustic bread.

Vino di Gragnano d.o.c.

Sorrento Peninsula


Production Area:
Gragnano and Pimonte


Grape Varieties:
Piedirosso (also known as Per'e Palummo), Aglianico, Sciascinoso (also known as Olivella)


Harvest Period:
October 7th-15th


Winemaking Techniques:
Traditional with a 6-day maceration in vinifiers at controlled temperature


Short refinement in stainless steel tanks


Month of March


Alcoholic Content: 11,5%

Bottle of 750 ml glass


Caratteristiche organolettiche
Colore rosso rubino, spuma vivace, profumo vinoso con piacevoli sentori di ciliegia, in bocca morbido, frizzante con vena amabile


Food Pairings:
Ideal for a good Margherita pizza.

Espresso coffee beans

High-quality coffee beans, for a fragrant espresso with a full and harmonious taste, featuring an intense and persistent crema. The blend combines coffee from different origins to balance their various characteristics and ensure consistent taste over time.


Botanical Species/Origin:
Arabica Santos – Arabica Ethiopia
Arabica Colombia – Arabica El Salvador
Arabica India – Arabica Costa Rica
Robusta Vietnam – Robusta India
Robusta Uganda – Robusta Ivory Coast


1000 g bags


Chemical-Physical Characteristics:
Yeast and Mold <10 mg/kg
Ochratoxin A <0.010 mg/kg
Aflatoxin B1 <0.010 mg/kg
Aflatoxin B2 <0.010 mg/kg
Aflatoxin G1 <0.010 mg/kg
Aflatoxin G2 <0.010 mg/kg

More products

Canned goods are a symbol of Italian tradition and authenticity. Whole peeled tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pulp, and tomato puree are made with the finest Italian tomatoes, processed within hours of harvest to preserve their taste, aroma, freshness, and organoleptic properties.


Available in any format.

Mozzarella is a dairy product that is part of Campanian culture. The fresh milk comes from certified farms and is processed in the dairy within 60 hours of milking. It has a fresh, unmistakable taste that conveys the value and richness of our heritage.


Available in bundles of 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg.

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